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What to write when you have a headache

Headaches are an intractable malady when it comes to writing. A stubbed toe can be ignored, but the writer lives in her head. When it's full of migraine there's not much room for anything else.

One can attempt whimsy: while I considered and rejected a weak joke about how there might not be much in this writer's head at the best of times, I also began considering a simile of a mind as a furnished set of rooms... This at least was mildly interesting; enough so that I wrote it down.

I suspect on all days this mind is furnished rather eclectically, but today in particular it probably resembles a certain sort of English bed-and-breakfast hotel. A riot of mismatched carpets and Laura Ashley-inspired puffy curtains and Staffordshire china with bucolic scenes and a little metered heater that doles out puffs of heat for 20p for about a minute and a half.

The migraine itself would be some sort of hotel pet that is entirely fictional and out of place, like a Push-me-Pull-you.

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