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What People Are Working On

Fun thread from Cameron Moll...

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Homages to Hand-Pressed Type

I found this among an unsorted pile of saved bookmarks:

Loss of roots in design

That commentary, along with this short movie, points to the tactile nature of physically setting type and what that feels like and teaches the designer.

Good stuff.

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People who've been in touch privately know that we have been considering a move to Chicago, and it's official--we're going!

Don has accepted the position of Head of School for the Latin School of Chicago, which means we'll be leaving Choate (where we've been for 20 years) at the end of this school year. The job is fantastic, the offer astonishing, the city one we've always enjoyed.

We are by turns elated and apprehensive. We're uprooting our two teenagers, and have misgivings about that, but at the same time feel like we are offering them a wider world.

As my nephews would say, a great "benchie" (adventure) is ahead.

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