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Will this be our house?


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White Out

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Persephone coming out of the underworld. It's early, but it feels like I've been underground so long.

As I wait for the new PB to arrive, I'm switching back and forth between the desktop and the laptop I've been using for the past n years. I feel a bit like the main character in THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK, who tries to tame chaos by separating all her projects and lives and feelings into different notebooks and then in a wonderful kind of breakdown merges them all into the one, golden, notebook. Only in this case, the notebook will be aluminum. ; P

That's a bit hyperbolic for what's going on here, but I do feel a pressure to unify and coalesce, which is coinciding with some sort of seasonal re-emergence. I'm ahead of the groundhog this year, which is unusual.

We start house-hunting in a week, not incidentally. I'm hoping we find something we like and make an offer. That way, this anticipation which has all but paralysed me will have a point, a focus. Instead of thinking of all that needs to be sorted and packed, I can actually begin sorting and packing. That will be a comfort.

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No PB News

So, the always-hyped MacWorld conference keynote has come and gone without a speedbump or any spec-tweaking of the PowerBook line. I'm done waiting: my new machine is ordered. Murphy's Law of Greener Pastures dictates that a new, spiffier, cheaper PB will be announced before mine actually is delivered, but that's too bad.

No matter what new widgets they come up with, what I bought is still lightyears ahead of what I have. I'm going to tune out Mac news and just enjoy the new machine when it comes.

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Apple Watching

I've promised myself a new laptop this new year, something with enough screen real estate and power to carry my biz and my art. Last year, I got the kids their iBooks instead and have been nursing my own aging machine along. This fossil no longer charges a battery, so if another power cord breaks on me I'm stuck. Plus, it has a smaller harddrive than my iPod and the screen has turned a sickly color. Not exactly ideal for design work.

So, I've got blogs of MacWorld San Francisco up, keeping tabs on Steve Jobs' keynote. In another window, I've got the Apple Store open. Hurrah, they're updating. Hopefully, cheaper, more powerful PowerBooks will be there when they come back online.

I'm a sad example of a femina geekoides. (Props to But She's a Girl for the coinage.)

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