People who've been in touch privately know that we have been considering a move to Chicago, and it's official--we're going!

Don has accepted the position of Head of School for the Latin School of Chicago, which means we'll be leaving Choate (where we've been for 20 years) at the end of this school year. The job is fantastic, the offer astonishing, the city one we've always enjoyed.

We are by turns elated and apprehensive. We're uprooting our two teenagers, and have misgivings about that, but at the same time feel like we are offering them a wider world.

As my nephews would say, a great "benchie" (adventure) is ahead.

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Back, Sort of

It's a funny thing being "gone", and funny, too, being "back."

I haven't been anywhere, really, but I have been conspicuously absent online.

There was that ankle thing. You would think being off my feet for weeks on end would be a perfect excuse to hit the online notebook with renewed enthusiasm, but my aging laptop attempted harikari and had to be lovingly nursed back to life, and, delightfully, clients emerged with novels and screenplays to read, and websites to design and deploy.

Then there was the kitchens-and-baths-being-gutted-and-replaced thing. I didn't write about this except in emails to friends, but the short version is we had this leak in the front hall and just wanted the school (most people own homes or have landlords--we have a school) to maybe patch and repaint, but... one thing led to another and now--in record time in construction terms but in what seemed an eternity of dust, noise, debris, no running water, and men in workboots--we have a great kitchen and working baths.

Our son started high school--and blogging. Our daughter started 8th grade. The spouse kicked off another year of school and now is on sabbatical, which seems to mean playing golf four times a week and only checking his email once. Nice work if you can get it.

As for me, the kerfuffle gods took one little swipe at me, in the form of being rear-ended by a careless driver while I was just minding my own business--stopped and waiting for a schoolbus to disgorge its passengers. I wasn't seriously hurt, but the Prius is smushed.

So that's it, really. Just the usual, but it's been enough to keep me away from blogging. I have a beautiful redesign in the works (I've said that before, but this time I mean it!) that I hope to deploy soon:


Which brings me to an important bit of news. Starting in October, I think, I'm moving Wild Keys from my .com site to my .net site. I'll leave the old files on the server, so any links will stay valid, but as I get the time, posts will be copied into the new archives here. And if you want to keep reading, please update your bookmarks: Lisa Firke | Wild Keys will be at http://www.hitthosekeys.net. Thanks.

Crossposted in both the .com and .net locations.


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Combining "Work" and "Wild"

I'm plunging ahead with combining the old "worklog" TypePad-powered blog and my hand-rolled "Wild Keys" blog. I've started importing old posts from Wild Keys (I say importing, but with hand-rolled originals it's actually no more work to cut and paste and antedate things than it is to format the stuff in import format).

Well, there's probably a clever macro that could help me, but I haven't the time to work one out. For once, I'm glad I'm not prolific.

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Soon, soon

I've hinted at a redesign before, but it is truly imminent. My plan is to roll my Wild Keys blog into this one and host them both here.

Things may look funky in the interim.

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Night of the Living Dead Metaphors

Apparently, my poem "Night of the Living Dead Metaphors" made its debut in Strange Horizons on April 26th. Don't know how I missed it! Check it out:

What if women were not circles

and men were not straight lines?


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To Paint Trudy

Well, this is a fine state of affairs, to announce, "I'm back" and then not post for a week. Pah. My blogging muscles have atrophied.

I have a smidgen of good news and self-promotion to announce:

My poem, "To Paint Trudy," long listed as "forthcoming," is now OUT, in the May/June issue of Cicada.

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The Shoemaker's Child

Well, Dramatica Unbound is going to have to languish a few more weeks before I launch it. Typical shoemaker's children stuff: paying work getting in the way of personal work. I don't mind too much--the paying work I've been doing lately has been so interesting--but I hate letting even a soft deadline go.

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Not another blog!

Well, I had to try TypePad. And what better way to begin than a log of my work at Hit Those Keys? I anticipate using this space to note my progress designing both the content and sites for my workshops, and also the design and development of websites for Rabbit's friends and relations.

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Happy earthday-birthday, Martha!

"hippo birdie two ewes"

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