Peace in the Season

I have a lot of catching up to do here, but first...

Tis the season, people. As holidays of many faiths approach, let's think about good causes:

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Wondering What to Do...?

Wondering what to do about hurricane Katrina? I like what this person did.

Donating money helps, too. That's what I did Monday. And again, Wednesday.

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Conscientious Readers

Perhaps a week or so ago, Loren Webster wrote about Ezra Pound and not long after Jonathon Delacour mentioned the controversy surrounding Pound's being awarded Yale's first Bollingen Prize for the Pisan Cantos, despite Pound's loud and bilious anti-semitism. Then Burningbird re-addressed the dilemma of how to regard the artist who produces exquisite work but vile opinion.

I said, in a comment to Bb:

It is a difficult problem--separating art from artist.

Pound's work is a treasure (do you know his translations from the Chinese? "The River Merchant's Wife" is a wonder), but the passage you quoted of his opinions made me want to throw up. I'd forgotten just how bitter his bile was.

Some people have a similar problem with Frost, saying that at best he was a tough guy to live with and at worst he was abusive. But I don't want to live without the swinger of "Birches."

I'm writing a mixed media novel that jumps off of a wonderful poem by Ted Hughes. I'm finding that I've had to write into the story the conflict I often come across when I bring up his name: even now there are avid Sylvia Plath fans ready to club me to death for liking anything written by that ultimate bad husband. "But he was a poet laureate of England," I murmur. Ted and Sylvia's sexual politics, and the specter of mental illness have entered my novel, whether I really wanted to write about them or not.

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