No PB News

So, the always-hyped MacWorld conference keynote has come and gone without a speedbump or any spec-tweaking of the PowerBook line. I'm done waiting: my new machine is ordered. Murphy's Law of Greener Pastures dictates that a new, spiffier, cheaper PB will be announced before mine actually is delivered, but that's too bad.

No matter what new widgets they come up with, what I bought is still lightyears ahead of what I have. I'm going to tune out Mac news and just enjoy the new machine when it comes.

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Apple Watching

I've promised myself a new laptop this new year, something with enough screen real estate and power to carry my biz and my art. Last year, I got the kids their iBooks instead and have been nursing my own aging machine along. This fossil no longer charges a battery, so if another power cord breaks on me I'm stuck. Plus, it has a smaller harddrive than my iPod and the screen has turned a sickly color. Not exactly ideal for design work.

So, I've got blogs of MacWorld San Francisco up, keeping tabs on Steve Jobs' keynote. In another window, I've got the Apple Store open. Hurrah, they're updating. Hopefully, cheaper, more powerful PowerBooks will be there when they come back online.

I'm a sad example of a femina geekoides. (Props to But She's a Girl for the coinage.)

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A headache sounds trivial, but when you live in your head, work in your head, a headache is like a broken wrist to a violin player.

I'm trying to eke out some sort of concrete proof that I worked today, but without much success.

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Wordy, Wordless

Apparently, that Springsteen concert left me much more speechless than I realized! It hasn't seemed so long since I posted here, but, but by blog measurements, it's an eternity.

I think my focus on graphic design over the past weeks must account for the silence. Something toggles in my consciousness--wordy to wordless--and my friends on the wordy end of the spectrum start to wonder what's wrong.

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Monday, Monday

A whole day wasted on depression and hiding from myself and my work.

I did the things I had to do: made child lunches, got kids off to carpool, did the 90-minute afternoon carpool loop, walked/fed the dogs, etc.

I didn't do any of the "should do's" — answer client email, read the passages that a group of us in my newsgroup are analyzing, continue tweaking of some online materials...

I think the bottleneck is with the client email. Not the clients. The clients are lovely people: interesting writers with good things to say. No, it's a certain assignment I used to think was really important, but which always leads to some unanswerable questions. Well, not unanswerable, exactly, I just don't like the answers. Giving them makes me feel like a fraud, even though it's not my fault some of this material is so confounding.

I'm in the midst of a materials shuffle for this (the Dramatica Basics) course anyway. An updated interface and a slightly different flow through the material is almost ready. (I've said this before, then found more stuff to tweak. It would probably help if I had lower standards and no aesthetic sensibilities whatsoever. I did please myself beyond all reason last week by teaching myself how to make a treeview menu for the course syllabus....)

In Dramatica's lexicon I am being very female-minded at the moment. (Thinking in intuitive widening-circle patterns instead of connect-the-dots logical patterns.) As a way of categorizing problem-solving, it's a bit reductive (well, more than a bit) but also descriptive. Because I do tend to work on everything at once, nudging it all along some sort of progression, so that when it does see the light of day everything is marvelously connected and lots of contingencies are already accounted for. The trouble is, it can take an awfully long time to nudge it all out where it can be seen by the light of day and in the meantime it can sit around in big scary piles of amorphous undone stuff.

However, I think I have talked myself into being able to tackle some tiny part of it. Whew. Someone was once nice enough to tell me my "wheel grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine." I hope that's true.

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