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Hipster PDA and other hi-tek stuff

Whilst tidying up some of my favorites/bookmarks, I re-found this one:

"Introducing the Hipster PDA"...

A celebration of the humble index card from awesome-as-ever 43 Folders.

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective and sensible ways of recording data.

My two other favorite methods include Eastgate's Tinderbox and the charming Moleskine line of notebooks, my new crush among these being the reporter's notebook.

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Launch Day:, the redesign

It's a big day at Hit Those Keys. I'm pleased to announce that my redesign of the massive and awesome site of Cynthia Leitich Smith is now live--officially.

::confetti:: ::streamers:: ::noisemakers::

Cynthia is the author of JINGLE DANCER, RAIN IS NOT MY INDIAN NAME, INDIAN SHOES and the forthcoming TANTALIZE and SANTA KNOWS. Her site offers interviews with dozens of children's and young adult authors as well as numerous bibliographies and other resources for readers, writers, teachers and librarians.

This site has long been a net treasure, but now, in the words of some of our invaluable beta testers:

“There is a much better balance of text/visuals/white-space.” It's "a feast for the eyes," and, I'm told, I've succeeded in "creat[ing] a crisp, clean, more sophisticated look, yet very warm and inviting.”

This project has occupied much of my time this past year--2005, I mean, and even a smidgen of 2004--and it feels wonderful to declare it completed. Working with Cynthia was a wonderful experience, and I got to blab out it here, in an interview on Cynthia's blog, "cynsations."

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Today I've been reading the Sunday papers and finding tidbits online. There's a random component to what I've selected to read in full—profiles, gossip, book reviews, blog entries, ads—yet I find there's also a purpose to it, beyond delaying getting dressed or walking the dogs.

"Casting a net" is the term you most often hear applied to what I seem to be doing. What actually comes to mind, though, is those dew-collectors the Fremen place around the desert plants in Frank Herbert's Dune.

I must admit to feeling like that parched desert planet, but it must be good that a watering program is underway.

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"truth, beauty, freedom, but above all, love…"

The infant year begins with a funeral but we have hopes, as one always must, that it will go on from here in a less dolerous fashion.

I was mostly silent in 2005; I hope to be more talkative in '06, even if I have to resort to borrowing words, as I have for my post title. {end credits, Moulin Rouge}

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Why Myths Still Matter

On a topic that has enduring interest for me, Laura Miller has this piece in Salon on "Why Myths Still Matter." Includes some discussion of Margaret Atwood's latest work, The Penelopiad, which I was fortunate enough to hear her speak of, in part, at the Chicago Humanities Fest a few weekends ago.

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Musing on the Mix

Fun article in the Sunday Trib, musing on the easy-to-burn mix CD versus the compile-in-real-time mix tape:

"You used to feel there was a real act of devotion in creating it that just isn't there anymore."

—Author and music nut Nick Hornby on mix tapes being taken over by mix CDs.

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Peace in the Season

I have a lot of catching up to do here, but first...

Tis the season, people. As holidays of many faiths approach, let's think about good causes:

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Wondering What to Do...?

Wondering what to do about hurricane Katrina? I like what this person did.

Donating money helps, too. That's what I did Monday. And again, Wednesday.

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