Musing on the Mix

Fun article in the Sunday Trib, musing on the easy-to-burn mix CD versus the compile-in-real-time mix tape:

"You used to feel there was a real act of devotion in creating it that just isn't there anymore."

—Author and music nut Nick Hornby on mix tapes being taken over by mix CDs.

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On my iPod

Rob Thomas' solo effort, Something to Be.

It's been biffed a bit critically, the suggestion being that he poses in some of the tunes, but I find it for the most part a good extension of the sound that he showed us when he collaborated with Santana on Smooth.

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Young Man with Bass Guitar

I close my eyes and I see a lean dark silhouette. His left hand is deftly making the changes and his right thrums the heck out of his first Fender Squier. The awkward auditorium lighting makes the tuning keys especially bright and the fall of mop-hair over the eyes a dull gold. (At some point during this past year, he has grown shoulders.)

He's got the audience clapping the beat. He ups the amp, lets the tiniest bit of distortion creep in. I want to keep that grin on his face.

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